Fall is here and I thought that it was necessary to make a change so I'm changing our website from it's old format to this. Also, I just got some new web development software that I'm trying out and figuring out if I like. If this works out, I'll probably use Posterous even less but we'll see… There are many features of Posterous that I like such as being able to create a post and have it sent out automagically at a later time. I also like the autopost feature which will post my rants and raves as soon as I make them public on Postereous.

Anyway, we surpassed the previous record for precipitation in North East Ohio this year and the rain continues to fall making this a very wet, dreary, Autumn so far. Riding season will be over soon and it is already getting colder every day. I always feel rushed when fall arrives trying to get the house ready for winter etc… But, I do look forward to Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas along with all the good food, friends and drink that goes along with the end of year holidays. For those of you that enjoyed our clam bake last year, we weren't able to hold a clam bake this year, but will definitely have one next year.

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