Stanley's Stories

The Haunted House of Horrors

At night there was a haunted house.  It was called the House of Horrors.  And one night there people walked in and the door shut.  They looked and watched the door shut.  There were no robots shutting the door, no one was there.  Then, they heard a noise like whooooooo.  Then the ghosts sang a song.  “Have you seen the ghost of Tom, long white bones and the rest all gone.  Whoooooooo…..”  Then they saw the ghost of Tom.  “I want your brains.”  That’s all he said, over and over again.  He was walking.  Then a witch came by and the black cat followed it.  It was the witch’s cat and the cat turned the witch into a frog.  The people’s names were Jim, Misty and Robert.  They were the spies who were called to investigate the people’s house who were the original owners.  They found out the mystery.  The ghosts were real ghosts.  That’s the end!

Ghost Spy Hunter (The Game)


1. No fighting each other if you're on the same team

2. No shooting each other if you're on the same team

3. You also get to pick ghost guns to fire at the ghosts

4. Wave a piece of bacon in a ghosts face, he gobbles it up and he faints


Dracula - Prince of Darkness

Agent P - Super Spy

Princess Rosie Arwen - Princess

Harry Potter - Wizard

Ghost Guns

Squintos - Float in the air and shoot stuff out of their 3 holes

Torpedos - Shoot tar

Seekers - Shoot out lots of missiles from one cannon

Swarm - Shoots 3 green things that come out and swarm

Fire Cannon - Shoots fire balls

Homing Device - When it hits something, it has a bomb in it and it blows up the thing


Agent P Hats - Has gadgets

Golden Ruby - Has two saws and a helicopter

Golden Ruby Curse - Has two saws and a helicopter

The Underworld

The Underworld is your afterlife when you're dead. The Underworld was like on Hercules and part of the story had the Underworld and he went in the Underworld to find the Queen of the Amazon jungle that someone else had killed. They called the guards and they thought Hercules had killed the Queen with one of his arrows. But, he didn't, it was two of the Queen's daughters playing a trick. They were like shooting an arrow to try and trick the guards. Then the Queen gave Hercules her magic belt. Hercules finally got to the Underworld and the gods had gave people the power of fire. Then he saw a human. He was chained to the wall. Hercules un-chained him and then he gave Hercules the Queen that had gotten killed. 

The End

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