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Spring 2013

This post is a little late, but better late than never. So this Spring was kind of strange. For the most part, it was chilly until May with a few warm days here and there. I didn't get the motorcycle out and ready for the season until late April. My wife decided that she was done with Ohio and was ready to move back to California. (More on that in another post) Anyway, I enjoyed it. I love seeing the color come back to the world and watch the cycle of life. I also enjoy the smell of new grass and leaves as well as the damp rich soil after a good cleansing rain.

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Stanley not only finished the first grade, but he also played soccer this year for the first time and he had a blast. Arwen performed in her first dance recital and did a wonderful job. We finally had the opportunity to visit my sister, and her family in Brooklyn, NY. And, we bottled our wine, it tasted aweful and was really only suitable for cooking. I thought things were finally settling down and beginning to become quasi-normal. So much for that :)

Winter 2012/2013

It was a mostly normal winter this year. What I mean is that with the exception of a few days here and there in January that reached above 50 degrees, most days were cold and it didn't end with an amazing early spring like last year. We had a couple of decent storms that dumped some snow but mostly it was just cold and grey.  Much like the winters that I grew up with when I lived in North East Ohio as a kid.  As much as I enjoy living in this area of the country, San Diego has definitely made me soft. There were times this last winter where I was longing to take the bike out for a ride, or go surfing on a nice sunny winter day. What's nice is that Spring is on its way and it won't be long until the buds on the trees are blooming and the bulbs begin pushing their way up out of the soil and I'll be complaining about mowing the lawn.


As of this writing, Spring still has not "Sprung" yet in Ohio. As a matter of fact, we've had a few more days below freezing and snowing since Spring began. This is the first time since moving back to this area that I haven't had the motorcycle out before March 17th. Right now it's still connected to the battery tender on a lift and under a cover, lonely, in the garage...

However, riding season will be upon us and I have some plans to tour the country this year. This season, I will be joining my Dad and Uncle on a trip from Ohio to several cities in Texas and hoping to swing through Nashville on our way back sometime in August.  I'll keep you posted and do my best to keep a journal of our trip so I can share it with you all when we get back.

So life is good and the weather is changing.  Enjoy Spring!

Autumn 2012

Autumn seemed to come all at once and moved fast this year. The weather was a mix of a couple of really cold days to some unseasonably warm days which, with the exception of Hurricane Sandy, made for a nice season.  The leaves seemed to fall off the trees a little earlier this year. This Autumn Sunshine and I made our first "cask" of wine from the grapes we've been growing, Stanley started the first grade, and Halloween was a blast as usual.


There were several newsworthy events.  The presidential election dominated the airwaves here in Ohio. There were a couple of horrible shootings. That guy "Fiscal Cliff" kept coming around…

Also, try and remember that 'merica is a country made up of many different races, religions, and traditions. So, as we move on to Winter, I'd like to wish you and yours a Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanza, Happy Chanukah, Happy Winter Solstice, Happy Festivus or whatever you believe in. Be respectful of other peoples beliefs and traditions during the holidays.

Summer 2012

Summer is at an end and Autumn is almost here. Out of all the seasons Summer goes by the fastest. I attribute the speed at which Summer seems to move at to all the weddings, graduations, BBQ's, vacations, and, at least in my family, birthdays that happen in the 90 days we give to Summer as a season.


For me, Autumn means several things. I'll be getting the house winterized, splitting wood, and putting the bike away until warmer days return.  It also means football, clambakes, and sweaters. Out of all the seasons, I believe I enjoy Autumn the most. I love the weather, I love the smells, I love the seasonal beers, and pretty soon the holidays will be upon us meaning fun, family, food and drink.  Here's to a great Autumn. I put a few pictures from Summer 2012 into a slide show on the right. Oh and don't forget to vote in November.

Refinishing The Deck of an Old Wooden Boat Pt.2

It was a beautiful day to work on a boat in Sandusky. The temperature was in the mid 60's and the sun was shining.

When we left off last time, my Dad and I had pulled all the bright works, and hardware off of the deck of his boat. We went up a couple of weeks later and power washed the deck to get most of the dirt and old flaky varnish off. 


This time we began by sanding the deck with 100 grit sand paper to even the color, smooth the deck and create a surface that will be ready to stain. Next we used a stiff bristled brush and a vacuum to remove excess sanding dust from the wood grain. Then we used some tack rags, basically cheesecloth with some sticky stuff on it, and wiped the deck down once more to get any lingering dust. Next we put two coats of a catalytic sealant/stain on the deck which brought out the colors of the teak very nicely. My Dad finished the deck with two coats of clear coat giving it a very nice shine as well as protecting it from the weather etc…

Refinishing a wooden deck isn't a very hard thing to do. It does however take time if you want it to come out looking great. All we have left to do is put the hardware back on and the deck project is finished. I'll put the "Before and After pictures up when the hardware is back on and the project is complete so you can see the difference a little elbow grease can do to a piece of wood. See you on the lake!

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