Spring 2013

This post is a little late, but better late than never. So this Spring was kind of strange. For the most part, it was chilly until May with a few warm days here and there. I didn't get the motorcycle out and ready for the season until late April. My wife decided that she was done with Ohio and was ready to move back to California. (More on that in another post) Anyway, I enjoyed it. I love seeing the color come back to the world and watch the cycle of life. I also enjoy the smell of new grass and leaves as well as the damp rich soil after a good cleansing rain.

IMG_20130331_104835IMG_20130112_13241013 - 18B097EC7-F32C-4933-BA28-9FBC608D961B7024F208-5AEA-4C1F-92B3-42CDAB833B43A5554FDD-298A-4D2E-9FBD-21E9A2570E7DA8231044-0295-4872-8058-CC4A4D1CAAE3

Stanley not only finished the first grade, but he also played soccer this year for the first time and he had a blast. Arwen performed in her first dance recital and did a wonderful job. We finally had the opportunity to visit my sister, and her family in Brooklyn, NY. And, we bottled our wine, it tasted aweful and was really only suitable for cooking. I thought things were finally settling down and beginning to become quasi-normal. So much for that :)

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